Remember Tyler Clementi

Remember Tyler Clementi


(If you are already familiar with this story, please join the memorial page for Tyler on facebook. I am sure Tyler’s family will find comfort in the over 40,000 people that have joined as of the time this was written. If you are not already familiar with this story, please read this article.)

Normally this site is about my art. For this post I am writing about someone else who enjoyed art. Past tense. This week a disgusting act occurred at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei decided that broadcasting Tyler Clementi, Ravi’s roommate, having sex was worthy of sharing with the whole world. Dharun seemed to be fed up with Tyler a mere few weeks into the 2010 school year.

The internet can be a beautiful place that brings people together or it can be a very dangerous weapon. The next time you post something online, make sure it’s not going to drive someone over the edge. A lot of people are on the edge. If you have a heart and can see that, don’t be the dickhead that pushes them to end their life. Be the person that extends a hand and does the right thing.Remember Tyler Clementi light version

Everyone has faced a bully at some point in their life. There comes a point where you either stand up to them or succumb to their constant ridicule and berating. The next time you are listening to music, imagine that somebody’s dream of playing music was destroyed by people who couldn’t just leave them be.

Rest in peace, Tyler. I hope your story resonates with people for a very long time.

Segway Safety Tip

Segway Safety Tip

Man on Segway near cliff


People die every day. Sometimes it’s by choice. Sometimes it’s because they’ve done something incredibly stupid. Today I heard that the owner of Segway perished off of a cliff. On his own product. Do people really need to be told not to ride a glorified Pogo Stick near the edge of a cliff? If you are the type of person that does this type of stupid thing, please take a look at the image to the left. It could save your life.

New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Looking for a photographer for your wedding? A friend’s wedding? And, hey, if you are in need of a wedding celebrant I’ve worked alongside my good friend and wedding celebrant Dana Zipkin. My range as a photographer is not limited to just weddings. This is a good thing! This keeps me refreshed creatively and emotionally interested. Which gives you the best possible results!

Other services offered:

  • Engagement session
  • Final images in downloadable format
  • Final images in printed format (Easy to order directly from the web site!)

Since I handle all of my own retouching, you will receive final images that I am proud of. This translates into images you will be proud to show friends and family.

TEITR temp site

TEITR temp site

This site would be considered more of a brainstorm rather than a final design. Click the graphic to visit the temporary site.

MusicFest 2010

MusicFest 2010

Union County MusicFest logoThat Werks photography was on display at the Union County MusicFest in Clark, NJ from September 11-12. The main objective was to have people drop by the FUSION art booth and pick up FREE 5″ x 7″ prints of various subject matter. Paradise Bikinis models, rock stars, wedding receptions, animals, bellydancers and landscapes were among some of the freebies.

One of the Paradise Bikinis models even dropped by the booth and posed with the framed group shot. Thanks to Valerie from Paradise Bikinis for providing this photo!Paradise Bikinis model with framed print

I also had the opportunity to photograph THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM on the Crossroads/101.9 WRXP stage @ 4:00PM. I needed a press pass so that I’d be free to take photos with being harassed by concert organizers/police. There’s nothing like waiting until the last minute and Joey (lead guitarist) literally handed me the pass as he was tuning his awesome mirrored guitar. That’s rock and roll, folks! Check out the photos of THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM performing live at MusicFest 2010!

Chris Sztybel taking photos of THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOMI made sure to enjoy the music as I took photos. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what I am doing that I fail to enjoy whatever moment I’m in. (Valerie also took a few shots of me in action!) The band kicked ass and, like most bands, sounded better live. That’s something that can’t be captured in a studio.