KICK-ASS sketch

KICK-ASS sketch

KICK-ASS sketch by Christopher John Sztybel

Tonight I took a break from designing wedding invitations and RSVP cards to draw KICK-ASS. I love this character. His costume is two sizes too big and it’s ridiculously bright. He’s a goofy looking boy ninja! I used Crayola crayons and did this in about 20 minutes. Crayon doesn’t erase, so it’s fun to just roll with the mistakes. That’s why I start out with a light touch and then press harder as I work toward a defined figure.

I highly recommend checking out the KICK-ASS movie. It’s definitely one of the best comic book movies ever made! Hit-Girl is phenomenal!

I am a B&H Photo Video affiliate!

I am a B&H Photo Video affiliate!

B&H Photo logoGreat news! I am now a B&H Photo Video affiliate. What does that mean? My site met qualifications for web traffic and content. This allows me to bring you advertising for the finest store known to man. If you have never been to B&H in New York City, you are missing out. It’s an amazing place that I can only compare to heaven on earth for photographers, videographers, or anyone that loves gadgets.

Whenever you are buying for yourself or others, please consider coming to and using the affiliate links. Thanks a lot for your support!

“Night of the Living Dead” drawing

“Night of the Living Dead” drawing

Zombie drawing in crayonWho is a huge fan of George Romero? I am. He started the zombie movie craze that hasn’t let up for the past fourty years. I did this drawing using Crayola crayons and edited it in Adobe Photoshop Express for Motorola Droid X.

(I really have to get down to Asbury Park one year for their annual zombie walk.)

Discreet Denim photo shoot

Discreet Denim photo shoot

discreet-denim-IMG_9880-2011-10-12.jpgDesigner Rick Meeker came to downtown New Brunswick, New Jersey and we did a photo shoot showcasing his work. The models had their hair and makeup done by Karen Buttacavole (Life Is Better With Lip Gloss) and Elizabeth Jones (The Updo Guru). I had hoped for a little bit of rain to get the streets nice and shiny. The rain dance worked and luckily it slowed down enough that we were able to creep out to take shots under the sky.

Karen Buttacavole from Life Is Better With Lip Gloss touches up Destine's makeup in the rain

Wet makeup


Photographer Rich Flores and I took turns switching between models and getting them in different locations. As the night went on, each model would sneak away and put on a new pair of jeans. We were asked to leave one location and we did. We set up and began to shoot. A short while later, we were asked to leave again. Photography is a tricky business. You never know where you will end up shooting, so it’s really not practical to try and ask permission. It’s art, baby!

discreet-denim-IMG_9964-2011-10-12.jpgMy Rokinon 8MM f/3.5 got a nice workout that night. I used it for the pay phone shots of Angela Wong, bridge shots with all three models, and the church shots with all three models. The solid build of the lens is impressive. It held up nicely in the light rain that was coming down throughout the night.

Richard B. Flores captures me "diffusing a bomb".

Adjusting flash power

Nobody bothered us for the remainder of the night and we were able to get some really great shots. Special thanks to the models for wearing summer clothes in the fall. It was chilly! All that matters in the end is that we took some amazing shots. Everything came together just right.

Designer: Rick Meeker
Models: Charlie Kelly and Angela Wong
Salon: Denna Fuentes (Angles and Tangles)
Hair: Elizabeth Jones (The Updo Guru)
Makeup: Karen Buttacavole (Life Is Better With Lip Gloss)
Photographer: Christopher John Sztybel
Lighting Assistant: Lew Montalvo

Discreet Denim by Rick Meeker

Tutorial: Cropping a photograph

Composition is an important part of photography. The right lighting and all the bells and whistles in the world will not make up for poor composition. It’s also important to imagine a composition if it were to be cropped. A “bad photo” is almost always directly tied to poor composition.

The most important thing to ask yourself when cropping is “what is the subject of this photo?” If the subject in your photo is your friend, then you should crop out the drunk jackass spilling beer all over himself. If you are submitting the photo to the police to show the man was drunk before driving his vehicle into your sweet red bicycle, then you would crop out your friend.