GoPro HD HERO2 Camera Unboxing & Test

For our upcoming honeymoon in Montego Bay, Jamaica I decided it was time to upgrade from my Kodak Zx3 to a video camera that can handle a bit more than 10 feet of submersion. How about 197 feet? That sounds good to me. The GoPro HD HERO2. This is a product I can use all of the time to create art. It has an impressive array of accessories and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. There is even a case that will hold two GoPros side by side to allow for shooting in 3D. I will definitely be making good use of the time lapse photography feature for sculpture.


American Phantasm Football poster

American Phantasm Football poster

Lindsay went out for dinner tonight and it was lovely, but the people yelling in the background about a silly football game fired me up creatively. The team can’t hear you yelling. Nor do they really care about your undying love for them. They’re mercenaries for hire. It’d be great to raise the stakes of the game. Remember the movie “Phantasm”? It featured a killer ball. Had knives, drills, and a few other gadgets in it. Play with that ball and I will watch.

This is a mixed media piece and was created using colored pencil, Sharpie marker, and vector art. The inspiration for the art style came from the work of Aidan Hughes.

Rising Heart

Rising Heart


This illustration was done using colored pencils and soft pastels. I’ve been doing a lot more drawing lately. Ideas like this really start from experimentation with shapes. Started with the heart and then moved into other shapes, horizon line, etc. This will probably end up becoming a full fledged personal project and, possibly, prints made for sale.

Kim and Ming “Trash The Dress”

On Saturday, October 9, 2010 I was invited by Buko Media to photograph a couple in the style of “Trash The Dress”. We shot at the warehouse in Jersey City, New Jersey. The place had a lot of character to say the least! A posh office, a warehouse with excellent graffiti tags, and a rooftop next to an old Clorox Chemical building at sunset. Kodi, a German Pointer, was great to have around. I love dogs and he was very well-behaved for just 5 months old.

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