Lifestyle Session of Leah Yourstone for MMG Management

Asbury Park is on quite a roll lately. I am down there more often than ever before. Leah asked me to give her a few different looks for her professional portfolio to be used for MMG Management. Salt Studios on Cookman Avenue was a perfect place to start since we needed a more controlled environment for the headshots and sleepwear. I also used a lens that I normally do not shoot with. The Canon 85mm f/1.8. I admittedly have a very hard time justifying anything other than my Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art for all around use, particularly for portraits and full lengths. But I knew the 85mm would come in handy particularly for the sleepwear shots. I wanted the intimate focal length and background compression that my 50mm wouldn’t be able to replicate.

The white dress portion of the shoot was done on the northern side of the boardwalk near Convention Hall. Less people and the backdrop could not have been brighter or more colorful. It’s always a great benefit when mother nature does most of the work for me.

We ate lunch at Hoagitos on the boardwalk. Can’t go wrong there for an affordable and delicious meal.

Special thanks to Andrea Hoch for introducing Leah to my work after they had an Adidas shoot together. A perfect example of this business. You never know where the next gig will lead you.

Promotional Photos for Hudson Valley Bed & Breakfast

Have you been to a Hudson Valley bed & breakfast? It’s not far from wherever you are in the tri-state area. The Inn At Stony Creek has been a favorite destination for me and my wife for many years. The innkeepers, Bill and Joe, are beyond accommodating and their breakfasts are incredibly tasty. Fresh eggs for breakfast come directly from the chickens in the backyard. Same goes for the vegetables.

We’ve already been there twice this year. On the most recent trip I did some photography around their inn and the vast landscape surrounding it. The images will be used on their web site as well as social media. There have been many upgrades to the inn over the years and it was fun making sure it was well-documented.

Recommended nearby  restaurants are Fratello’s Brick Oven Pizza and The Landmark Inn.

Fashion Shoot with Ferret Campos Designs

Finally had the opportunity to photograph clothing designs for Ferret Campos Designs. Our nutty schedules aligned while I was in Manhattan doing work with Capezio. I am always trying to maximize my time in Manhattan. Our models for this shoot were Olya Smith and Josephine Webb. Both were extraordinarily easy to work with. They have modeling down, man! The South Street Seaport provided us with an interesting backdrop.

I mainly shot with the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 on my Canon 6D body. Threw a grid on a speedlite here and there and knocked it out of the park.

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