Blake is a little guy that really couldn’t have been easier to photograph. I usually give new parents a few helpful tips to increase the chances of a happy baby during the session. But you never really know how things will go. Mom and Dad did an awesome job!

I like to do a little bit of posing with infants, but for the most part it’s important to simply document the family. It was important that we work Jack’s uniform into a shot. Props can enhance or take away from a scene. If done right they tell a story. If done wrong, it’s just a baby dressed as a teddy bear hanging from a tree limb in a wicker basket. Cute…but not telling a story that ties to the family.

As we finished getting the uniform placed perfectly on the bed, Blake nodded off. You, sir, have just become the ideal baby client. What you see in the final image isn’t a Photoshop composite. Dude is just asleep and looking pretty happy about it.

Congratulations, Reiners!

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