Getting Downright Experimental with Professional Dancers

Getting Downright Experimental with Professional Dancers

The night I photographed Andrea, Emily and Tara was a big ole experiment. There is no creative growth in my book without throwing everything out the window for something new. I shot everything using a lens I would normally never use being so close to the subject. I used off camera flash in a way I never did before. My favorite images taken that evening were shot against a dark background. If I had to describe the look it would be a fluid series of motions captured in one single exposure. This gives the performer something they probably don’t have in their portfolio of images. Something different that stands out and gets a “WOW!”

Style is always evolving. Never be completely content in the work you are creating because there’s always another way to push or pull the methods. Using this method of photographing dancers should encourage anyone that performs dance, or knows someone that dances, to look into booking a shoot with me. We will create amazing images together using this technique.

To book use the “Inquire” message box on this site or visit

Professional Dancers and Athletes at Art Factory Studios in Paterson, NJ

Dr. Bo Okubadejo’s New Office Space in Englewood, New Jersey

Dr. Bo Okubadejo’s New Office Space in Englewood, New Jersey

Dr. Bo’s newest space in Englewood, New Jersey is a medical masterpiece so I am glad he asked me to come in to document it. The patient rooms are full of daylight, there is an area dedicated to physical rehabilitation and the wall on the conference room is a calming piece of art.

Dr. Bo Okubadejo's new web site

The final photos are being used in a variety of places including his new web site.

Take a look at an assortment of images from Dr. Bo Okubadejo’s space below.

Spine Surgeon Dr. Bo Okubadejo office space in Englewood, New Jersey

Styled Wedding at The Art Factory in Paterson, NJ

Styled Wedding at The Art Factory in Paterson, NJ

I photographed a wedding venue like no other. The Art Factory in Paterson, New Jersey is my second home and they’ve recently done an absolute ton of renovations to the third floor (and beyond) so the general public can have weddings and events. The floors have been varnished, new electrical, amazing decor, stage for live entertainment, curtains, disco ball, downlighting, satellite bars, chairs, etc. They’ve done so much that I’ve probably left at least half out of my description.

If you are looking to have an event in a space like no other I can tell you from firsthand experience that THIS IS THE PLACE. You won’t find anything else like it.

Get in touch with the venue today by visiting their contact page.

Location: The Art Factory
Photographer: Christopher John Sztybel
Models: Anastasia B. and Alex Jones of Clavon Models
Wardrobe: Wedding dress by Jean-Ralph Thurin and suit by Clavon Leonard
Event Planner: Events by Merida
Hair & Makeup: Araena Sanchez

Art Factory Wedding Photographer That Werks in Paterson, NJ

Kelly and Mike’s Totally Tubular Engagement Session

Kelly and Mike’s Totally Tubular Engagement Session

Each time I do a wedding or engagement for people I like to think of something different. Something that will stand out and make people remember a particular shot. This time around we shot Kelly and Mike using a big ass tube that someone discarded. One man’s trash is another’s treasure. We did whatever the hell we wanted during this shoot and I’m always grateful for clients, family or not, that are up for some horseplay and antics.

Take a look at the shots below and then contact me through my new totally tubular photography site and schedule your very own shoot.

Kelly and Mike's engagement session at The Art Factory in Paterson, New Jersey

Divorcing Myself From Facebook Is The Best New Year’s Resolution Ever

Years ago I watched the movie “Idiocracy” directed by Mike Judge. The premise of the film is that people become so very dumb that an average man who wakes up in the future is suddenly the smartest person on Earth. We have gotten to that point, folks. If you are average, or above, intelligence you can clearly see things have gone completely sideways. We no longer seem to elect people that have one shred of integrity or appreciation of their fellow humans. America now markets itself as the laughing stock of the entire planet.

It’s really time to stop spending money on anything other than education in America. Read a book or pick up a hobby that engages your brain. Until then keep your insane conspiracy theories, pre-1960s outlook on race, your religion and blatant narcissism locked in a padded room.