The vast Vermont views conveyed a variety of vivacious vibes from the verification of vows followed by food served from a variety van. I was deeply inspired to write that by viewing a Guy Fawkes mask hanging in the main ballroom. This is a wedding that I deeply enjoyed participating in. Everything about it was fun and fantastic. When Lew and I arrived two days before the wedding it was a monsoon in northern Vermont. The next day it was hot and humid. The following day, the day of the wedding, it was so windy that anyone wearing a dress was in danger of becoming a human kite.

The weekend included activities on the lake, archery, a nature walk, hanging out on the plentiful wooden porches surrounding the grounds and at the end of the reception BEN & JERRY’S ice cream. It was an event that really spoiled everyone in attendance.

A very friggin’ large thank you to Lew Friggin’ Monty who drove all the way up to Vermont with me to shoot this wedding. We both hustled and destroyed Roy Roger’s on the way up and the way down. America Runs on Roy’s. Dunkin’ is for basketball, fools.

Congratulations Jon and Stacey for a wedding well-earned and celebrated! Now I must vanish, victoriously, and ask you to view the vivid visuals below.

YMCA Camp Abnaki wedding in North Hero, Vermont

YMCA Camp Abnaki wedding in North Hero, Vermont