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Fresco in North Brunswick, NJ

Delicious surf and turf ready to be consumedI like to write about the food I eat. If nothing else, New Jersey is great for its massive selection of tasty restaurants.

Boogs and I had a delicious dinner at Fresco. The food was beyond delicious and I couldn’t believe how fresh the seafood was. We ordered lump crab meat and a lobster bisque for an appetizer. My entrée was surf and turf and I had to take some photos of this magnificent meal. It’s a shame I could only enjoy this meal once. It’d be great if you could DVR dinners like this and enjoy them a second or third time. (Don’t forget that you can now “pin” things you see on this site.)

Close shot of the lobster tail

Jesus Should Not Be Your Salesman.

People are free to believe in whatever religion they choose. However, there is a glaring problem I see within the photography & videography industry. People are using their religion to cast a net over like-minded fans of Jesus (Other religious figures included!). Please stop using Jesus as your salesperson. It’s phony bologna and I can smell it from ten miles away. Rely on your skills, not your religious affiliation. (I laughed at quite a few wedding photographers during my own search last year. The work was usually mediocre, but they took plenty of time quoting scriptures.)

I did a quick sketch of the man himself. Notice he is not selling anything.

Jesus Christ illustration by Christopher John Sztybel


Victor-Victrola record player…still works!

Victor-Victrola logo

I love old stuff that still works. There is so much garbage manufactured these days. Will your iPad work in 100 years? Probably not. Modern devices are simply not treasured. The Victor-Victrola in my parents basement is a fine example of quality craftsmanship. To our knowledge it has never been serviced or repaired and it still works. Everything is either wood or metal. The audio quality coming from the simple cabinet body impresses. I’m curious to try some of my more modern vinyl on the turntable.


American Phantasm Football poster

Lindsay went out for dinner tonight and it was lovely, but the people yelling in the background about a silly football game fired me up creatively. The team can’t hear you yelling. Nor do they really care about your undying love for them. They’re mercenaries for hire. It’d be great to raise the stakes of the game. Remember the movie “Phantasm”? It featured a killer ball. Had knives, drills, and a few other gadgets in it. Play with that ball and I will watch.

This is a mixed media piece and was created using colored pencil, Sharpie marker, and vector art. The inspiration for the art style came from the work of Aidan Hughes.

Rising Heart


This illustration was done using colored pencils and soft pastels. I’ve been doing a lot more drawing lately. Ideas like this really start from experimentation with shapes. Started with the heart and then moved into other shapes, horizon line, etc. This will probably end up becoming a full fledged personal project and, possibly, prints made for sale.

Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th

It’s Friday the 13th! Today I put an older sketch into one of my even older sketchbooks and found this doodle from ten years ago. It depicts a strapping young lad named Jason Voorhees. He plays with knives and is always pissed off about being murdered. Watch out, campers!

Jason Voorhees drawing from Friday the 13th