Brrrrrrrrr cold! I was down in Virginia for a project and got in touch with Mia since I remembered that she drove all the way up from VA for our shoot at my studio for her Cleri Models portfolio.

When working with agencies there are particular requests that must be fulfilled, but this snow shoot was off the cuff and fresh. I used lenses I would normally not use and really wanted to show a lot of the environment freshly covered in snow. In short it was much more of an editorial style shoot than something you see in a typical portfolio shoot for up and coming talent.

We had to take several breaks and reset ourselves because when the wind whipped through it was brutal. Being on the banks of the Potomac River didn’t help the windchill factor.

Thanks for coming out and shooting, Mia! Below is the gear I used during the shoot and, of course, the greatest hits.

Gear Used:

Cleri Models Mia B. photo shoot in the snow along the Potomac River