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“Jumping Jack Flash” jam in Propellerhead Record

Today I had some time to practice guitar and record a bit of what I was riffing on. This is something I put together in Propellerhead Record. I like the layered guitars in this and it’s not bad for just a few takes. It’s also worth mentioning that the Rolling Stones are on tour celebrating 50 years together. How insane is that?


New Year’s Resolution…NEW MUSIC!

Christopher John Sztybel's New Year's Resolution

Today I was enjoying a nice relaxing day at home and I broke out my Fender Stratocaster and condenser microphone to experiment in Propellerhead Record. For anyone familiar with Reason, Record is a sequencing software that works harmoniously with Reason. Thankfully I found a patch for hooking up the vocoder because that thing is a giant pain in the ass to hook up manually. Since I’ve been listening to a lot of Devo and Skrillex lately, this composition has a mechanical/industrial flavor.

My goal for 2012 is to become a more well-rounded artist.