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American Phantasm Football poster

Lindsay went out for dinner tonight and it was lovely, but the people yelling in the background about a silly football game fired me up creatively. The team can’t hear you yelling. Nor do they really care about your undying love for them. They’re mercenaries for hire. It’d be great to raise the stakes of the game. Remember the movie “Phantasm”? It featured a killer ball. Had knives, drills, and a few other gadgets in it. Play with that ball and I will watch.

This is a mixed media piece and was created using colored pencil, Sharpie marker, and vector art. The inspiration for the art style came from the work of Aidan Hughes.

New Year’s Resolution…NEW MUSIC!

Christopher John Sztybel's New Year's Resolution

Today I was enjoying a nice relaxing day at home and I broke out my Fender Stratocaster and condenser microphone to experiment in Propellerhead Record. For anyone familiar with Reason, Record is a sequencing software that works harmoniously with Reason. Thankfully I found a patch for hooking up the vocoder because that thing is a giant pain in the ass to hook up manually. Since I’ve been listening to a lot of Devo and Skrillex lately, this composition has a mechanical/industrial flavor.

My goal for 2012 is to become a more well-rounded artist.


GIZMODO Theme Song Contest

Gizmodo, The Gadget GuideGIZMODO, a very popular technology news site,  is running a contest where they asked viewers to submit theme song ideas. They will select three finalists and then other viewers will vote for a grand prize winner. There are some pretty sweet prizes up for grabs. I shure wouldn’t mind some new equipment.

Since Gizmodo is big on tech, I recorded in a style that reminds me of some of my favorite heavy tech bands. KMFDM for one.

CLICK HERE to download the .mp3 of the Gizmodo theme song written and recorded by Chris Sztybel