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Lauren K. for Cleri Models in Asbury Park, NJ

Hey what do you know we’re back in hip and delicious Asbury Park for another modeling shoot with an up and coming model named Lauren. She’s represented by Cleri Models which means she’s being represented by the best and on her way already.

We got started at one of my favorite places to shoot, Salt Studios, located on Cookman Ave. downtown. We had a gorgeous day outside, so we did two looks in the studio and then headed down to the beach.

Special thanks to Lew Monty for hauling butt as usual and keeping the reflectors on the ground during a windy beach day. He was rewarded with artisanal pizza afterward.

Model: Lauren K.
Agency: Cleri Models
Hair & Makeup: Wanida Chopra
Assistant: Lew Monty

Lauren K. for Cleri Models photographed in Asbury Park, New Jersey

Preview of August Moon’s “Remember When” Short Film

Everything went right with this project. From the people all the way to the weather. Here are a few screen grabs of the upcoming “Remember When” short film. Check out August Moon’s facebook page!

August Moon “Remember When” Preview from Chris Sztybel on Vimeo.

August Moon "Remember When" short film

August Moon "Remember When" short film

August Moon "Remember When" short film

August Moon "Remember When" short film