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Taking Photos In A Men’s Bathroom…WHAT?

I am always picking up on sentence fragments and things I see popping up in my social media feeds. Chris Pandolfo, owner of Lun Wah, has been doing lots of new things to bring the business another 40 years of success. NJ.com has paid them a visit as one of the top bars in New Jersey.

The point of this image is to sum up what the ownership is currently experiencing. Old bathrooms in need of renovation. In my opinion there were two ways to handle it. Grungy and gross or bright and humorous. Since tiki is a fun thing, I went with bright and humorous.

The sequence in the men's room
Step 1: Go into the bathroom. Step 2: Pretend the toilets are gushing water everywhere. Step 3: Create a mess in Photoshop.


We shot this during business hours, so we had to make it super snappy. People actually have to use the bathroom. All light settings were done ahead of time. One flash was placed in the toilet paper rack on the floor. The other was super clamped to a wooden beam. The camera was mounted on a tripod in the corner. I gave Chris some direction as to what he should be reacting to.

“The urinal is shooting water all over the place!”

“The toilet is overflowing!”

It was probably my shortest photo shoot ever. A couple minutes from the time we go in there until the time we wrapped.

The final composite.
The final composite.

Go check out the kickstarter for the bathroom project. Get your business or photo on the wall once they renovate.

Equipment used:

  • Canon 6D
  • Canon 28mm f/1.8
  • Yongnuo 560III speedlites
  • Yongnuo 560-TX transmitter

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Lun Wah Tiki Bar & Restaurant

There aren’t too many tiki restaurants left in New Jersey. That’s because only the strong survive. Lun Wah has been in business for 40+ years and continues to attract tiki enthusiasts and features in newspapers like The New York Times. Being invited to photograph a restaurant like this is cool on many levels. It’s interesting visually and you can’t beat a meal that comes with it’s own stovetop. The goal was to do justice to the food and drink menu, but I couldn’t resist photographing some of the actual restaurant as well. Special thanks to owner Chris Pandolfo and the great staff at Lun Wah for making the day run smoothly.

Models: Lew Monty, Melissa and Bella

To see more of my photography work, please visit http://www.thatwerksphotography.com

Awesome polynesian food and tiki drinks await behind the bamboo doors of LUN WAH!