Civil Air Patrol Conference at McGuire Air Force Base

An invitation was extended to me to photograph personnel and distinguished guests at the Civil Air Patrol conference at McGuire Air Force Base. This is only the second time I have been to an Air Force base and it’s a visually impressive sight to visit a base. We toured a KC-10 jet used to refuel aircraft in mid-air and even got to sit in the cockpit.

Civil Air Patrol Conference at McGuire Air Force Base

Air Force Captain Trumble’s Vintage 1967 Ford Mustang

Having a nice Memorial Day weekend? Let’s all remember the people who give their all for America. On a beautiful Saturday morning I jumped in the back of a classic 1967 Ford Mustang convertible and rode to the Air Force Mobility Command Museum. Capt Brian Trumble and I were hoping for a day like this. Perfectly blue skies and white clouds.

One of his daughters, Bella, was with us and it was her first time riding in the Mustang. She asked lots of questions abd was very excited to see a C-5 practicing near the base. Once we arrived at the museum we took a walk through the indoor portion to see the vintage aircraft and equipment. The staff said we could pull around to take some photos very close to the aircraft. We took shots of the car by itself, with Bryan and with Brian/Bella. A lot of fun! Thanks again, Brian and Bella, for coming out to shoot!

Ford Mustang shoot with Captain Brian Trumble at Dover Air Force base and museum