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Michale Graves Performing at Crossroads NYE 2013

This year I wanted to do something out of the norm for my birthday. Dinner at a tiki bar followed by a punk rock concert with The Downrights and MICHALE GRAVES! I brought my camera, of course, and here is what I got on film. Great time and Michale and his band knocked out an awesome set of music! This guy has one of the best voices ever. (Too bad you can’t listen to photos, but you can see the intensity.)

Michale Graves in concert

NIM VIND “Astronomicon” artwork

NIM VIND "Astronomicon" artwork by Chris Sztybel
NIM VIND "Astronomicon" artwork

Last night I was enjoying a rum cake, listening to NIM VIND and working on artwork for the “Astronomicon” single. This is a combination of photography and illustrations. Less of a literal outer space theme and more of an invasion theme. Dave McKean is an inspiration to me when it comes to combining photography and illustrations. You might know him from the “Sandman” covers.

Anyway, NIM VIND churns out some pretty great music. If you love MISFITS, Danzig, 1950s horror pop…you get the point.

Download the image or order a print


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12/20/2010 UPDATE: The results are in for the contest and I took home the big burrito on this one. That means I won. What a great day!