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We, The Chosen “What Your Eyes Said” music video

It’s been a long time coming. The video for We, The Chosen’s “What Your Eyes Said” has finally been completed. I wanted this to be an amazing video for a band that deserves a lot of success for doing what many bands cannot accomplish. WRITING AND RECORDING QUALITY MUSIC. It’s a lost artform. New Jersey is still capable of churning out musicians worthy of praise. This video was created entirely by myself in my spare, fleeting, time. Waking up early. Staying up late. Revising it one thousand times. Whatever it took to represent their energy.

Kick back and and watch We, The Chosen rock their little hearts out with “What Your Eyes Said”.

GIZMODO Theme Song Contest

Gizmodo, The Gadget GuideGIZMODO, a very popular technology news site,  is running a contest where they asked viewers to submit theme song ideas. They will select three finalists and then other viewers will vote for a grand prize winner. There are some pretty sweet prizes up for grabs. I shure wouldn’t mind some new equipment.

Since Gizmodo is big on tech, I recorded in a style that reminds me of some of my favorite heavy tech bands. KMFDM for one.

CLICK HERE to download the .mp3 of the Gizmodo theme song written and recorded by Chris Sztybel

Remember Tyler Clementi


(If you are already familiar with this story, please join the memorial page for Tyler on facebook. I am sure Tyler’s family will find comfort in the over 40,000 people that have joined as of the time this was written. If you are not already familiar with this story, please read this article.)

Normally this site is about my art. For this post I am writing about someone else who enjoyed art. Past tense. This week a disgusting act occurred at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei decided that broadcasting Tyler Clementi, Ravi’s roommate, having sex was worthy of sharing with the whole world. Dharun seemed to be fed up with Tyler a mere few weeks into the 2010 school year.

The internet can be a beautiful place that brings people together or it can be a very dangerous weapon. The next time you post something online, make sure it’s not going to drive someone over the edge. A lot of people are on the edge. If you have a heart and can see that, don’t be the dickhead that pushes them to end their life. Be the person that extends a hand and does the right thing.Remember Tyler Clementi light version

Everyone has faced a bully at some point in their life. There comes a point where you either stand up to them or succumb to their constant ridicule and berating. The next time you are listening to music, imagine that somebody’s dream of playing music was destroyed by people who couldn’t just leave them be.

Rest in peace, Tyler. I hope your story resonates with people for a very long time.

FOUNDRY “RETOOLED” now available on iTunes!

FOUNDRY "RETOOLED" by Rich DeCicco We completed the album artwork for the new FOUNDRY album. It’s called “RETOOLED” and it’s a brand new take on some Steve Carlesi (Program Director for “The Opie & Anthony Show” on XM Radio) classic hits from the early 1990s. Steve was a session man for bands like Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and Weird Al Yankovic.

No he wasn’t. But he did lay the groundwork for quite a few songs that would later go on to be rerecorded by Rich DeCicco! And for that we can all be grateful!



(It’s only four dollars.)

It’s really nice to have finally created an album cover after so many years.

FOUNDRY album cover concept


A while back Steve Carlesi was in a band called FOUNDRY. They recorded an album that got a lot of play years later on “The Opie &  Anthony Show” on XM Radio. Then Rich DeCicco got his hands on the songs and rerecorded them.  This is an album cover concept for that rerecorded album.  The final version will have a distressed vinyl record look. Remember vinyl, kids? Sure you do.