Dancer On A Mission

Grace and confidence. Two things everyone should either possess or strive for. This is why I enjoy photographing dancers. Capturing a person in their own little world is magic. Here are a few of my favorite shots from an afternoon with Julia. Thanks to Ciara for assisting on the shoot!

For this shoot I mixed it up with natural light and strobes. My go to strobe is the Paul C. Buff Einstein E640. The quality of light and flash duration blows me away for action shoots. Perfection every time and I am also a big fan of their modifier durability and portability.

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Julia Carrano dance session at The Art Factory in Paterson, New Jersey

Rima’s Maternity Session at Home

I like nice people. Photographing nice people and hanging out with them is one of the incredible benefits of photography. If you’re nice, you’re already more than halfway to a successful photo session. If you’re nice AND have an adorable dog it’s pretty much a guaranteed success. Rima invited me to her growing family’s home to do a maternity session. Their sense of interior design contributed to warm and cozy images. It’s fun to imagine their child looking back in a few years and seeing what life was like just before they arrived.

Equipment used:

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Rima Mattar maternity session

Farm Photo Shoot with Model Chris Slovak

We had the luxury of a comfortable fall morning to shoot with Chris on the Pine Valley Christmas Tree farm in Elkton, Maryland. I lost my damn mind and decided to shoot with three totally different cameras. One DSLR. One medium format with b&w film. One 35mm with color film.

I think I prefer the film shots to digital especially for a location such as a farm. Film looks properly weathered like many of the pieces of equipment used on a daily basis to grow crops or feed livestock.

Enough rambling…enjoy the shoot. To schedule your own shoot, contact me at or by filling out the contact form on the site.

Model Chris Slovak color photography

Black and white photos of model Chris Slovak

Models I Have Photographed

I keep my eyes open for new models to work with. If you have a gung-ho attitude and a style all your own then let’s make it happen. Here is a collage of shoots featuring some of my favorites. Contact me at or by filling out the contact form on my site.

Collage of models photographed by Christopher John Sztybel