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New York Giants Infant Session

The Lorias have been getting used to their new son Declan and wanted to document his adorableness with a photography session. His parents are big sports fans and they had a little New York Giants jersey for him to wear. I pride myself on not doing (what I consider) ridiculous infant sessions where the baby is posed like a consumer product. I involve the family because the baby didn’t get here via Amazon.com did he?

After we finished up in the den we headed upstairs. Declan’s bedroom is something out of The Jungle Book and was a nice way to wrap up the evening. Here are just a few of my favorites from our time together. Congratulations to this newly expanded Loria family!

New York Giants pinterest baby photos

American Phantasm Football poster

Lindsay went out for dinner tonight and it was lovely, but the people yelling in the background about a silly football game fired me up creatively. The team can’t hear you yelling. Nor do they really care about your undying love for them. They’re mercenaries for hire. It’d be great to raise the stakes of the game. Remember the movie “Phantasm”? It featured a killer ball. Had knives, drills, and a few other gadgets in it. Play with that ball and I will watch.

This is a mixed media piece and was created using colored pencil, Sharpie marker, and vector art. The inspiration for the art style came from the work of Aidan Hughes.