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Dancing with Dani Albertina at Ripley-Grier Studios

Singers singing in the hallways. Dancers dancing in hallways. The Ripley-Grier studios in Times Square are always full of talented and determined individuals. Had a super cool shoot with Dani at Ripley-Grier in Times Square. She’s a pro and busts out all types of sweet moves.

Lens choices this go ’round were the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art and Canon 28mm f/1.8. Enjoy!

Dancer Dani Albertina at Ripley-Grier Studios

Emily Bennett Broadway Headshots

Emily is actively auditioning for shows and needed a new headshot. That Werks to the rescue! Here are 3 of my favorites from the session. Time to bust out the black velvet and lighting! I bounced light from the top, sides and front for this series. I think the result gives a nice glow to the subject. When Emily is a famous performer I can say I knew her from back in the day.

Emily Bennett headshot 1
Emily Bennett headshot 2
Emily Bennett headshots