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1950 Chevrolet Deluxe Pin-up Girls

High time I did another pin-up themed model shoot with two of my favorite fellow artists, Karen (makeup) and Tracey (hair). Brian from Wayne’s Speed Shop was kind enough to let us use his sweet 1950 Chevrolet Deluxe coupe and he also picked out the location. Good work, Brian!

We started just as the sun dipped, which gave us a nice scene to sculpt with speedlites and a big ole softbox hooked up to my ABR800.

It was a hilarious shoot as usual with this bunch and a few of the locals came to check it out. Including some dude that claimed to be a Hell’s Angel. There is no way this guy was one of them either. You can’t go around lying about something like that, sir!

Want to schedule a shoot with me? Take a look at my photography work and contact me.

Hair: Tracey Sommers
Makeup: Karen Buttacavole/Life is Better With Lipgloss

Less talking, more photos…

1950s Chevy Deluxe Pinups

150 Chevy Pinup Collage2

Flash Gordon sketch

Flash Gordon sketchI’ve been listening to Queen a lot lately in my car and the Flash Gordon theme keeps reminding me how awesome Queen is and how awesome the Flash Gordon movie is. Since I’ve been drawing a lot lately, I decided to do a sketch of the all-American space hero.

This drawing was done using colored pencils and crayons. I couldn’t find a pencil sharpener, so I eventually had to switch to Crayolas. SHARPENER IN THE BACK OF THE CRAYON BOX! Pure genius.

Enjoy the sketch and remember to “DIVE!”