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Lauren K. for Cleri Models in Asbury Park, NJ

Hey what do you know we’re back in hip and delicious Asbury Park for another modeling shoot with an up and coming model named Lauren. She’s represented by Cleri Models which means she’s being represented by the best and on her way already.

We got started at one of my favorite places to shoot, Salt Studios, located on Cookman Ave. downtown. We had a gorgeous day outside, so we did two looks in the studio and then headed down to the beach.

Special thanks to Lew Monty for hauling butt as usual and keeping the reflectors on the ground during a windy beach day. He was rewarded with artisanal pizza afterward.

Model: Lauren K.
Agency: Cleri Models
Hair & Makeup: Wanida Chopra
Assistant: Lew Monty

Lauren K. for Cleri Models photographed in Asbury Park, New Jersey

Modeling At The Great Swamp At Sunset

(If you enjoy these photos of Gina, you will be pleased to know she is the live model for my photography workshop happening next week at Salt Studios in Asbury Park, NJ on Saturday, January 30th. We start at 9:00am and will be discussing your goals as a photographer, my workflow (planning a shoot, composition, flash/natural/hybrid lighting) and then shooting with Gina for the second half of the day. Space is limited and There are 10 slots left. REGISTER TODAY!)

Today I give you a modeling shoot at a vast nature preserve. It’s almost unfair shooting at a place like this. It’s wide open wilderness and strange on top of it. There are eagles and hawks everywhere. Weird skeletal trees. On this particular day we were the only two souls in the preserve since it was both windy and freezing cold. But we bundled up and trekked around for an hour.

The first panoramic overlook provided us with a preview of what the rest of the shoot would look like. Warm golden sunlight. No light modifiers would be necessary. Just two Canon 6D bodies, Sigma 50mm f/1.4 and Canon 85mm f/1.8

Portraits of Gina Knox taken at The Great Swamp during sunset

Portraits of Gina Knox taken at The Great Swamp during sunset

Portraits of Gina Knox taken at The Great Swamp during sunset

Portraits of Gina Knox taken at The Great Swamp during sunset

Portraits of Gina Knox taken at The Great Swamp during sunset

Portraits of Gina Knox taken at The Great Swamp during sunset

Portraits of Gina Knox taken at The Great Swamp during sunset

Portraits of Gina Knox taken at The Great Swamp during sunset

Portraits of Gina Knox taken at The Great Swamp during sunset

Cleri Models Shoot with Yumin at Salt Studios in Asbury Park

Another fantastic shoot at Salt Studios in Asbury Park. Elise and Kelly from The Beauty Bar in downtown Somerville, NJ did a wonderful job producing three distinct looks for this shoot for Cleri Models. Yumin was one of the best models I’ve worked with because she had a lot of poses already on lock. You can tell she’s serious about it. The Beauty Bar helped craft three individual looks. Business casual, casual and a high fashion look to wrap it up. Always impressive work from them.

I used a combination of light sources and modifiers for this shoot including ring flash, soft box and natural sunlight. One of the best parts about shooting at Salt is all the natural light that is available. However, if you want to shoot using only flash they have blackouts for the windows. Really handy to create a more controlled environment. Lighting has to be carefully considered when doing a model shoot with different looks. Calling attention to the great work of the hair and makeup team is paramount in tandem with showcasing the model’s versatility and body type.

Model: Yumin (represented by Cleri Models)
Hair and makeup: The Beauty Bar
Assistant: Lew Monty








Yumin for Cleri Models

Yumin for Cleri Models


That Werkshop

Big savings for my upcoming photography workshop. You SAVE $75.00 by signing up for That Werkshop. That’s $175 (Regular rate $250) for a full day event of demonstrations and questions/answers I get asked most frequently. Lunch and drinks are provided.

THAT WERKSHOP – A Day Of Learning Photography @ Salt Studios in Asbury Park, NJ from Chris Sztybel on Vimeo.

I am a photographer that has laughed at photography workshops. Usually I see photographers that are trying to make a living teaching photographs instead of taking photographs. NOT HERE, FRIENDS! For starters this is taught by me in between a schedule full of photo shoots. I am a real-life working photographer so you can ask me just about anything and I will have an answer.

If you are looking to pick up tips on inspiration, composition, lighting and lens choice then this is for you. Hell you might even be a person that has had a camera sitting in the back of your closet for years. Now is the time to break that sucker out and use it. The number of werkshop students in attendance will be limited to 15.

The individual students will be rolled into the presentation. You will send me your best work and we will discuss it. This is not me standing on a soapbox for the day. It has to be interactive so we all get the most out of it.


  • I will explain the types of work that I shoot which is primarily portraits and product photography.
  • Each student is asked to send 2 high-resolution photographs (non-watermarked) of their own work that they would like to discuss during the workshop.
  • We will work with a live model. Each student will be given time to shoot the model as they wish.
  • Lighting setups and client interaction will be discussed.
  • There will be two door prizes that will be drawn at random. Both are tools that I use for 99% of all my shoots.
  • Pizza and beverages will be provided for lunch.


Seats Remaining : 12 (of 15 total)
Date: Saturday, January 30, 2016
Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm (30 minute lunch break)
Location: Salt Studios in Asbury Park, New Jersey

Newsletter Rate: $175 per person (Regular rate: $250 per person)


Full-Time High School or Full-Time College Student Rate: $50 per person (Regular rate: $250 per person)

Recently "stolen" from Lew as the rain started to come down.

MMA session with Kali Herman

Maria Tenorio

The beam of sunshine during fall 2014

The Wedding of Ceri Stromberg and Mark Langell

Ashley Nicole

A surf and turf family photo session with The Zushmas.

Blake Reiner infant photos


New Manfrotto Tri-Backpack Article On Manfrottobags.com

This year has brought me a lot of good luck and lot of things earned through good old-fashioned hard work. I suppose my Manfrotto relationship is a mix of both. One day I was on my way to Hoboken to do a maternity shoot. I posted my pile-o-stuff at the train station to my Instagram account. One way or another Manfrotto got wind of my pile-o-stuff and wanted to share their product with me. It has made my traveling a whole lot easier.

This isn't even packed to capacity. My average shoot leaves room to spare for items like trail mix.
This isn’t even packed to capacity. My average shoot leaves room to spare for items like trail mix.

Product placement always kind of bothers me, but when I say I am using a particular product, you better believe it’s because I actually like using the product. Special thanks to The New Royalty and Salt Studios for being available to shoot this bad mamma jamma.

Let’s get down to it! My latest article featuring a photo shoot with New Jersey-based The New Royalty is now up on manfrottobags.com