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Trash the Dress and Birthday in Asbury Park, New Jersey

Clients are interesting. Within just a few months I have had multiple requests to shoot in Asbury Park. That is good for the city and even better for my stomach because it’s full of great places to eat.

Kristen and John came down and it was also Kristen birthday so she wanted new portraits of herself, with John and also getting her wedding dress a little messed up by the Atlantic Ocean.

Depending on a person’s attachment to a dress, “trash the dress” is open to interpretation. Since we weren’t going to muddy it up or set it on fire,  I thought a literal “trash the dress” would be funny.

Portraits with Kristen Driscoll in Asbury Park, New Jersey

Kim and Ming “Trash The Dress”

On Saturday, October 9, 2010 I was invited by Buko Media to photograph a couple in the style of “Trash The Dress”. We shot at the magnets.com warehouse in Jersey City, New Jersey. The place had a lot of character to say the least! A posh office, a warehouse with excellent graffiti tags, and a rooftop next to an old Clorox Chemical building at sunset. Kodi, a German Pointer, was great to have around. I love dogs and he was very well-behaved for just 5 months old.

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