Canon cameras

People often ask me what type of camera they should buy. My suggestion is always Canon. They’ve had a long running policy of supporting older equipment. Many of their lenses can be used long after a camera body has expired. The resale on quality lenses is also amazing and a far better investment than you might imagine. That’s not to say companies like Nikon aren’t great, but wouldn’t be economical to have a Nikon system as well. Two things that made me a Canon fan are their menus and color. No matter the device, Canon has very intuitive menus.

My first Canon was a PowerShot A95 and I still use it to this day. Not the best in low light, but noise levels are something Canon has improved on with each new model released.

I always recommend shopping for this type of equipment at B&H Photo in New York City. They have an incredible inventory and one of the neatest checkout procedures in a department store. To learn more about their history, watch this video.