MusicFest 2010

Union County MusicFest logoThat Werks photography was on display at the Union County MusicFest in Clark, NJ from September 11-12. The main objective was to have people drop by the FUSION art booth and pick up FREE 5″ x 7″ prints of various subject matter. Paradise Bikinis models, rock stars, wedding receptions, animals, bellydancers and landscapes were among some of the freebies.

One of the Paradise Bikinis models even dropped by the booth and posed with the framed group shot. Thanks to Valerie from Paradise Bikinis for providing this photo!Paradise Bikinis model with framed print

I also had the opportunity to photograph THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM on the Crossroads/101.9 WRXP stage @ 4:00PM. I needed a press pass so that I’d be free to take photos with being harassed by concert organizers/police. There’s nothing like waiting until the last minute and Joey (lead guitarist) literally handed me the pass as he was tuning his awesome mirrored guitar. That’s rock and roll, folks! Check out the photos of THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM performing live at MusicFest 2010!

Chris Sztybel taking photos of THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOMI made sure to enjoy the music as I took photos. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in what I am doing that I fail to enjoy whatever moment I’m in. (Valerie also took a few shots of me in action!) The band kicked ass and, like most bands, sounded better live. That’s something that can’t be captured in a studio.