Toshiba Thrive 10.1″/16GB tablet

Toshiba 16GB 10" TabletI recently sold my Toshiba Satellite and replaced it with a Toshiba Thrive 10.1″ tablet. I needed something with enough power to handle my daily chores like photo editing, emailing clients, web browsing, video conferencing, etc. Must have played with every damned tablet currently available on the market. What sold me on the Thrive was the numerous full sized ports and it’s massive 10.1″ screen. It still fits in my hands comfortably, but the screen is key. Needed something with great resolution, color and brightness for client meetings. I also appreciate the heavily textured back cover which helps with gripping the device.

Check out the video for a full unboxing and initial impression of the Toshiba Thrive tablet.



Little Goth Girl drawing

Gothic Girl and her cat

There was a period of time in the mid-late 1990s that every girl dressed like this. Even the most well-to-do family had their GOTHIC daughter. Oh, the horror! One too many Tim Burton movies and far too many trips to the Hot Topic at the local mall.

This drawing was originally done with a pen on a notepad. It was then imported to Autodesk Sketchbook Mobile for coloring. I was really impressed with Sketchbook because it allowed me to color in layers and then export as a Photoshop PSD file. Best $0.99 I ever spent for an Android application.

Jon Bon Jovi Not Dead

Jon Bon Jovi lets us all know how awesome RATT isI figured with Jon Bon Jovi being “dead” and all that he wouldn’t mind me poking fun at him. I’m not a fan of the band ever since they started playing/writing country music. Really pissed me off and I am sure I’m not the only one. So I figured a nice parody was in order. David Bergman took a lovely photo of Jon posing with a sign declaring him being alive. I thought it would be a nice opportunity to work some Photoshop magic. Remember when Bon Jovi had a huge mop of hair and a shark tooth earring? Sure you do. That’s back when they wrote amazing music that made us all proud to be from New Jersey.

If you searched my car right now, you would find at least two RATT cds. Amazing band. If I had to name my absolute favorite band from the 1980s, it would have to be RATT. They’ve remained consistent and their most recent album “Infestation” is probably their best album. Anyway, Jon Bon Jovi actually sang background vocals on RATT’s “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose” off their “Detonator” album. Interesting fact.

Sketching in Crayon at Romano’s Macaroni Grill

The Incredible Hulk drawn in crayonWe all went out for Lindsay’s dad’s birthday on last Friday night. The food at Macaroni Grill is awesome. The bread and olive oil is one of my favorite parts of the meal. For all the artists out there, the real feature is drawing all over the table with crayons. You are never too old to grab a crayon and draw whatever you feel like. My crayon was green so I started drawing The Incredible Hulk. Followed by a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Followed by a green Shredder. I know that Shredder is not green, but it didn’t feel right not including him.

If you want to laugh hysterically, check out Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses. Lindsay’s brother Mike told me about it. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. The turtles deserve to this kind of attention because they’re really one of the more creative concepts to come from my childhood. I can still remember all of the parents trying to say “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”. Anyone my age remembers going to the local arcade and playing the massive 4-player Turtles game.

Yelling cockroach and his squished friendThe last thing I drew on the table was a cockroach. I’ve still never seen a real cockroach in a restaurant. So deprived.




Black and White Photography in Delaware

Black and white landscape of McGinnis PondDuring Thanksgiving vacation I visited my parents in Frederica, Delaware. The day after Thanksgiving I walked down to McGinnis Pond around noon. It was unseasonably warm and people were out enjoying the weather. I decided to use my Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 and take some landscapes of the pond and surrounding areas. The pond was a little higher than normal and when I went down to the stream the pond feeds, much of the steep trail had been eroded from recent storms. It’s a neat trick carrying camera equipment down a steep bank! It was worth it though because I was able to get the shot of sunlight breaking through the tall grass.

The banks of McGinnis Pond in Delaware

After finishing up at McGinnis Pond, I walked down the street to get some shots of passing cars and motorcycles.  I was just finishing up my lens and camera adjustments when a classic Pontiac GTO flew by me. The shot was underexposed, but I shot RAW and later adjusted the exposure in Adobe Lightroom.

Pontiac GTO cruising down the road in Delaware
A classic Pontiac GTO

Sometimes a great shot is just a happy accident. If I spent 30 seconds more photographing the pond, I would have never taken this shot of the car.



Rokinon 8mm Ultra Wide Angle f/3.5 Fisheye Lens

Rokinon's super wide angle lensI hesitated on purchasing a fisheye lens for a long time because I thought it wasn’t meant for everyday use. Wrong. The Rokinon 8mm is great for really tight spaces! The lens has a 180 degree field of view, so you will definitely have to get used to that. The slightest object will appear in the viewfinder if it comes anywhere near the lens glass. Also, this is a manual focus lens. The reason it’s affordable is because it does not contain electronics. It has a very solid metal body and nice glass. The construction on this lens is rock solid.Angela sits on top of a pay phone in New Brunswick, New Jersey

I have to say the image quality for such an affordable lens is quite impressive. It’s sharp and the colors are comparable to my Canon lenses. Yes, I am on of “those” loyal Canon customers in terms of lenses. I am not opposed to trying out a different brand if they have a really attractive product. I couldn’t justify spending upward of $400.00 for Canon’s fisheye. It’s not a lens I use every day.Lambertville Railroad in Lambertville, New Jersey I should also mention this lens works best with crop sensors. You can use it on a full frame camera, but it will give you a circular image.

I took the photo of Angela on the payphone while it was raining and the lens performed flawlessly. My gear was in an exposed area where it rained continuously. The lens hood on the Rokinon 8mm is long enough to keep a light rain off the glass. Because the lens is rounded, making it harder to clean, you will want to avoid getting anything on it.Three models showing wares from Discreet Denim by Rick Meeker

The photo of the railroad track was taken no more than one foot from the actual track. It’s amazing how much this lens can see at such close proximity to the subject.

The photo of all three models standing in the New Brunswick train station tunnel is a perfect example of how wide this lens is. The sidewalk is about five feet wide. My camera was set up on the same sidewalk the models stood on. I was able to capture the sidewalk, all three models, and much of the tunnel. None of my other lenses would come close to producing a shot like this. Great DSLR lens at a great price.

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Police Unity Tour t-shirt for sale

Police Unity Tour Team NJDOC
Front of shirt

My friend has been riding in the annual Police Unity Tour for several years now which is organized by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. The bike tour goes from New York City all the way to Washington D.C. That’s pretty impressive and it’s for a very good cause. It reminds us how many people have lost their lives in law enforcement. Their motto is “We ride for those who died”. They have to be dedicated to their jobs 24/7 and might even lose their lives protecting others.

Back of shirt

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