WhiBal White Balance Card Pocket Kit

WhiBal White Balance Pocket Card KitI usually adjust white balance myself to whatever look I’m trying to achieve. That means it’s not technically correct. That’s fine when I’m getting creative with split toning and black and white images. But if I am trying to accurately depict a product or something that needs realism, a white balance card is a necessary tool.

From Michael Tapes Design:

  • It fits in your shirt pocket. (same size as an American business card …2×3.5 inches)…so you will actually use it rather than have it in your bag!
  • It is basically indestructible, waterproof, etc.
  • All 3 “Kit” versions (Pocket, Studio, Reference Kits) come with convenient stand for ease of setup on tables or flat surfaces. No need for someone to hold the WhiBal.
  • All 3 “Card” versions (Pocket, Studio, Reference Cards) are just the card alone.
  • New Key Chain Card (1x2inch) version comes complete with S-Biner attachment hardware (as shown).
  • All 4 WhiBal versions are individually measured with a precision spectrophotometer to certify that each card shipped meets or exceed or stringent specifications.
  • The Gray card is designed for low reflectivity, except that the sticker is intentionally highly reflective so that maximum TrueBlack™ Blackpoint level may be achieved by observing for maximum glare point and then backing the angle down.
  • Larger 3.5x6inch Studio size is also available
  • Can be used to set white balance reference, Black point and White point.
  • Fits shirt pocket or can hang on studio hook or lanyard. (Lanyard is supplied with Pocket version only).
  • WhiBal® is a product of PictureFlow LLC and available exclusively from RawWorkflow.com, B&H Photo Video, Samys Camera, and a few fine photo shops.