I met Sam Jones and Melody Anderson from the “Flash Gordon” movie!

My Flash Gordon poster signed by Sam Jones and Melody AndersonOne of my favorite movies growing up was “Flash Gordon”. It is so over the top in every way imaginable! The characters, set design and soundtrack by the almighty Queen set it apart from just about every other movie I’ve watched. And I watched it. Repeatedly. Like every time it was on tv. It was great to finally meet some people from the movie this past weekend. Monster Mania is a huge horror/sci-fi convention held down in Cherry Hill, NJ and I’ve been there once before to meet Crispin Glover (George McFly in “Back To The Future”)

Posing with Sam J. Jones (Flash Gordon) and Melody Anderson (Dale Arden)

A lot of people were waiting in line to meet people from “The Walking Dead”. I love zombies and all, but that show cannot compare to the insanity of  the “Flash Gordon” movie! I purchased the poster and made my way over to Sam J. Jones (Flash Gordon) and Melody Anderson (Dale Arden) and had each of them sign my poster. Once that was taken care of, I asked them each to take a quick photo with me. They were very kind, but as you can tell I was not ready to have my picture taken. I was happy! Trust me! I was busy putting down my camera backpack so I didn’t look like a 5 year old in the photo.