Black and White Photography in Delaware

Black and white landscape of McGinnis PondDuring Thanksgiving vacation I visited my parents in Frederica, Delaware. The day after Thanksgiving I walked down to McGinnis Pond around noon. It was unseasonably warm and people were out enjoying the weather. I decided to use my Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 and take some landscapes of the pond and surrounding areas. The pond was a little higher than normal and when I went down to the stream the pond feeds, much of the steep trail had been eroded from recent storms. It’s a neat trick carrying camera equipment down a steep bank! It was worth it though because I was able to get the shot of sunlight breaking through the tall grass.

The banks of McGinnis Pond in Delaware

After finishing up at McGinnis Pond, I walked down the street to get some shots of passing cars and motorcycles.  I was just finishing up my lens and camera adjustments when a classic Pontiac GTO flew by me. The shot was underexposed, but I shot RAW and later adjusted the exposure in Adobe Lightroom.

Pontiac GTO cruising down the road in Delaware
A classic Pontiac GTO

Sometimes a great shot is just a happy accident. If I spent 30 seconds more photographing the pond, I would have never taken this shot of the car.