Toshiba Thrive 10.1″/16GB tablet

Toshiba 16GB 10" TabletI recently sold my Toshiba Satellite and replaced it with a Toshiba Thrive 10.1″ tablet. I needed something with enough power to handle my daily chores like photo editing, emailing clients, web browsing, video conferencing, etc. Must have played with every damned tablet currently available on the market. What sold me on the Thrive was the numerous full sized ports and it’s massive 10.1″ screen. It still fits in my hands comfortably, but the screen is key. Needed something with great resolution, color and brightness for client meetings. I also appreciate the heavily textured back cover which helps with gripping the device.

Check out the video for a full unboxing and initial impression of the Toshiba Thrive tablet.



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