A Real Honor Regarding My Photography

This is something I did not expect. My cousin posted this yesterday about “Bring Your Daughter To Work Day”. She brought her daughter Grace.

“They were asked Whom They Most Admire…. And ummm this is what Grace drew….
My Cousin Christopher…. Because she feels she would like to pursue photography and bring out her inner artist in the future….
I thought it was very cool….”

CRAZINESS! I get so wrapped up in making sure I love my work and a nice result of that is others do too. It’s a huge compliment that someone would recognize my work like that. It’s important that my work strikes a chord with the younger generation.

Always strive for perfection, but know when it cannot be attained. Keep snapping away with your camera, Grace. See if you can convince your parents to get you a small camera to shoot black & white film. I still develop my own black & white film at home. Working in a darkroom will help you further appreciate the power of a single photograph. Keep having fun with whatever you choose to do!

“The Rain Forest Party” book trailer

Hector-Armando from "The Rain Forest Party"This is the second book trailer I created for illustrator/writer Lorraine Dey and it features Hector-Armando and all of his rain forest buddies. I animated portions of the storybook in Adobe After Effects before importing the footage into Adobe Premiere Pro for final editing. My voiceover was recorded using Adobe Soundbooth using a Behringer B-2 PRO condenser microphone. Enjoy!

For more information about the book: http://www.hector-armando.com


Central Park Bar/Restaurant in Linden, New Jersey

Central Park, formerly the Cavalier Diner, is a great place to grab a bite to eat. During the day it’s a casual/quasi-upscale restaurant. Most entreees are priced around $20.00 and there is an extensive wine/cocktail list as well as an equally impressive sushi list.

During the night they move many of the tables out of the restaurant and the space is transformed into a nightclub. DJs and dozens of large high definition televisions are mounted to the walls. If you enjoy sports, this would be a great place to watch every major sporting event.

Here is a photo of my burger. I love the “CP” branding on the bun. Nice touch!

Central Park cheeseburger with loads of mushrooms...MMMMMM!


Fresco in North Brunswick, NJ

Delicious surf and turf ready to be consumedI like to write about the food I eat. If nothing else, New Jersey is great for its massive selection of tasty restaurants.

Boogs and I had a delicious dinner at Fresco. The food was beyond delicious and I couldn’t believe how fresh the seafood was. We ordered lump crab meat and a lobster bisque for an appetizer. My entrée was surf and turf and I had to take some photos of this magnificent meal. It’s a shame I could only enjoy this meal once. It’d be great if you could DVR dinners like this and enjoy them a second or third time. (Don’t forget that you can now “pin” things you see on this site.)

Close shot of the lobster tail

“A Sweater for Duncan” book trailer

"A Sweater for Duncan"Tonight I completed work on the book trailer for “A Sweater for Duncan”. My lovely wife Lindsay assisted me with a wonderful voiceover. The trailer has a very Levar Burton/”Reading Rainbow” feel to it. Completely intentional. Loved that show growing up!

The book is available through stores such as Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Go ahead and order it right now. Well? What are you waiting for?


Getting Back To Black & White Film

I’ve been having a lot of fun developing rolls of black & white medium format film taken with the Holga camera. The process for developing film keeps me focused on creating compositions instead of having the ability to fire off 1,000 shots on digital. (Not that I do that!) When I started taking photographs, digital was still in its infancy. Long before Adobe Lightroom, there was just a darkroom. The particular negatives below were developed this morning. I use a changing bag and a light tight developing tank. In less than 30 minutes…voila! Negatives!
Boardwalk negative taken with Holga camera

I Am Selling All Of My Camera Equipment

Canon EOS camera logo

There comes a time when some photographers realizes “I like this as a hobby, but I don’t think I’m cutting it professionally.” After staring at my pile of equipment for the past week, I’ve decided to put it all up for sale. I have an XTi and 7D body along with numerous lenses in pristine condition. They are priced quite reasonably and are meant to sell quickly.

First up, my first DSLR. The XTi. I’m only asking $200.00 for that one. Has less than 50,000 clicks. Decent shape. Just a few scuff marks.

::record scratch:: I feel bad for you if you thought I was selling all of my camera equipment.

(Eh, maybe not.)

April Fools! See you next April 1!