Fresco in North Brunswick, NJ

Delicious surf and turf ready to be consumedI like to write about the food I eat. If nothing else, New Jersey is great for its massive selection of tasty restaurants.

Boogs and I had a delicious dinner at Fresco. The food was beyond delicious and I couldn’t believe how fresh the seafood was. We ordered lump crab meat and a lobster bisque for an appetizer. My entrée was surf and turf and I had to take some photos of this magnificent meal. It’s a shame I could only enjoy this meal once. It’d be great if you could DVR dinners like this and enjoy them a second or third time. (Don’t forget that you can now “pin” things you see on this site.)

Close shot of the lobster tail

2 thoughts on “Fresco in North Brunswick, NJ”

  1. I’m going to kill you and take that out of your stomach. That’s how bad I want that.Pinning is not good enough for me. It must be mine. 

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