Developed Two Rolls of Medium Format Color Film

When I develop film at home, it is always black and white. I send out color film to a lab to be developed. I was feeling lucky this time and mixed up some color chemicals. Then I crossed my fingers and started developing two rolls of Kodak Ektar 100 color film from recent summer destinations and one model shoot for Steello. All of my previous medium format work had been shot on Holga, but I’ve been using my Mamiya 645 Pro exclusively for months now.

One thing I can’t stress enough: chemical temperature is crucial when developing color film. Black and white is far more forgiving. I am pleased with the results!

Periwinkle Inn Sign in Cape May, New Jersey (Christopher John Sztybel)

Classic Car Show at Pizzadili Winery (Christopher John Sztybel)

Dawn models a Steello bikini (Christopher John Sztybel)

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