Drawings of Skulls

Skulls here! Getcha skulls here! These drawings of skulls were used in the design for a landscape I did in memory of Steve Carlesi. These were done in my sketchbook on a beautiful day at the beach with my wife. It’s a bit strange to draw something like this in the presence of beach-goers, but once I go into my little world it doesn’t matter.

Both images below will take you to the final piece. All money earned from the sale of the landscape will go to the family of Steve. Three different sizes are offered and pricing starts as low as $10.00.

Illustrations of skulls for Steve Carlesi project

A large poster (24" x 36") I designed in memory of Steve. All money from the sale of this poster will be given to Steve's wife and children. It is printed on lustre paper and is priced at $75.00. My watermark does not print on the final piece. (Christopher John Sztybel)

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