Hurricane Sandy Zombie Apocalypse

Hurricane Cyclone Noreaster Superstorm Sandy was a nice training session for the upcoming zombie apocalypse. First thing I learned is that I need more hobbies that don’t involve electricity. I developed some black and white film though. That was fun for a while. Here are a few snapshots of ┬ámy equipment and the finished negatives.

Developing black and white film in my sink during Hurricane Sandy

Developing black and white film in my sink during Hurricane Sandy

Developing black and white film in my sink during Hurricane Sandy

…final scan of a medium format black & white negative.

The Downrights @ 10th Street Live in Kenilworth, New Jersey (Christopher John Sztybel)

At night we burned as many candles as we could find. Leftover beer and snacks from our annual Halloween party helped the night along.

At one point we stopped at the local supermarket and they had absolutely no meat or dairy. Bizarre to witness. They either sold out prior to the storm or threw it all away because they couldn’t be kept cold without power.

Absolutely no fresh meat here, folks!

No dairy left. Come back when there's power.

Cabin fever was setting in so it was time to take a little drive. I fueled up prior to the hurricane, so we didn’t drive around in a panic.

Lindsay and I made a variety of ridiculously unhealthy meals for the past few days. I think the healthiest meal was peanut butter & jelly sandwiches on whole grain bread. Filling. Not too salty. When we finally left the house on Halloween, we traveled to Clark, NJ and had lunch at Clark BBQ. This place is fantastic on a normal day and THE BEST MEAL EVER CONSUMED after being stuck inside for three days.

The photo of the PSE&G guy sitting at the lunch counter really sums up how exhausted and hungry everyone must feel trying to fix this mess. Good luck to everyone out there and remember to stay safe! There’s still a lot of power lines on the brink of coming down from excessive damage to the poles.

A tired PSE&G worker has lunch at Clark BBQ (Christopher John Sztybel)

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    1. You better believe it! I am conserving gas until things start resembling normal conditions. People are freaking the hell out filling up their cars. If anything, stop wasting gas by driving your car around! Walk to the gas station and get a few gallons at a time.

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