2012: Year In Review

The year 2012 included an amazing wedding with Boogs, lots of super exciting projects, and some unfortunate losses in the friends & family department. I will be pushing myself even harder in 2013.

If you are considering hiring me, please take a look at my pricing and feel free to contact me with any questions or jokes you might have heard this morning. I love jokes.

Isabella Marie D'Ambrosio posing in her home (Christopher John Sztybel)

Downtown Chicago, Illinois (Christopher John Sztybel)

Billy Goat Tavern in Downtown Chicago, Illinois (Christopher John Sztybel)

Photo of the Old Dutch Church in Sleepy Hollow, New York featured on the Adorama blog

Mother's Finest performing live at Experience PRS 2012 in Stevensville, Maryland (Christopher John Sztybel)

Our wedding invitation and RSVP card

A large poster (24" x 36") I designed in memory of Steve. All money from the sale of this poster will be given to Steve's wife and children. It is printed on lustre paper and is priced at $75.00. My watermark does not print on the final piece. (Christopher John Sztybel)

1st Annual Danny Nolan Golf Outing for the American Heart Association and Jersey Fusion softball team (Christopher John Sztybel)

Daisy Kwayke strikes a pose at Studio 212 (Christopher John Sztybel)

Heather Dorian in the freight elevator at Studio 212 (Christopher John Sztybel)

Vampiress Andrea Hoch outside the old Michelin Tire Factory (Christopher John Sztybel)

Samantha Grace's first photo shoot (Christopher John Sztybel)

The Wedding of Amanda Amo and Miguel Rodriguez (Christopher John Sztybel)

Grumpy Old Man illustration by Christopher John Sztybel

Blair Lazar in the brand new Extremefood/Death Sauce Headquarters (Christopher John Sztybel)

Downtown Chicago, Illinois (Christopher John Sztybel)

The Union of Meghan Hinman and Eric Kratzer in Brooklyn & Manhattan (Christopher John Sztybel)

Lauren at Johnson Park in Piscataway, New Jersey (Christopher John Sztybel)


The Wedding of Michelle and Chris Falanga (Christopher John Sztybel)

Dawn models a Steello bikini (Christopher John Sztybel)

Developing black and white film in my sink during Hurricane Sandy

The Downrights @ 10th Street Live in Kenilworth, New Jersey (Christopher John Sztybel)

The Parker brothers pose for portraits (Christopher John Sztybel)

Holiday Photos at Rutgers Gardens (Christopher John Sztybel)

Classic Car Show at Pizzadili Winery (Christopher John Sztybel)

Y'all Ball packaging

Paris and her giant inflatable ball (Christopher John Sztybel)

Experience PRS 2012 guitar factory tour and events (Christopher John Sztybel)

The Wedding of Jennifer Schwartz and Anthony Tolisano (Christopher John Sztybel)

Mini Rev with melted chocolate fondu (Christopher John Sztybel)

Samantha Correa (Christopher John Sztybel)

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