1 Hour Portrait Session for $100.00

Once in a blue moon I run a special promotion for my work. For the next two weeks, I will shoot portraits of individuals and groups of people for $100.00. That includes everything from my travel to the final images emailed directly to you. It’s something I will probably never do again. Fill out the form on the pricing page of the site and email it to csztybel@thatwerks.com

$100 Portrait Offfer

Portraits of illustrator Lorraine Dey (Christopher John Sztybel)

Henry Palmer portraits (Christopher John Sztybel)

Photos taken at 10th Street Live and Black Brook Park in Kenilworth, New Jersey (Christopher John Sztybel)

Nadira: The Art of Middle Eastern Dance (Christopher John Sztybel)

Vampiress Andrea Hoch outside the old Michelin Tire Factory (Christopher John Sztybel)

Dawn models a Steello bikini (Christopher John Sztybel)

Nicolette Haines photo shoot (Christopher John Sztybel)

Rachel Tambone and Robb Krohn engagement session at Rutgers Gardens (Christopher John Sztybel)

Discreet Denim by Rick (Christopher John Sztybel)

Kieran Tintle (Christopher John Sztybel)

Blair Lazar and an oversized Sudden Death bottle (unknown)

Beer Goggles having fun in the winter of 2010 (Christopher Sztybel)

Lauren at Johnson Park in Piscataway, New Jersey (Christopher John Sztybel)

Heather against the brick wall (Christopher John Sztybel)

Karen Buttacavole going way, way back in time (Christopher John Sztybel)

The Parker brothers pose for portraits (Christopher John Sztybel)

The Union of Meghan Hinman and Eric Kratzer in Brooklyn & Manhattan (Christopher John Sztybel)

 (Christopher John Sztybel)

Daisy Kwayke strikes a pose at Studio 212 (Christopher John Sztybel)

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