Photography and Cinematography Reel

A nice rundown of my photography and cinematography work. Feel free to contact me at

That Werks – Photography and Cinematography from Chris Sztybel on Vimeo.


I love creating new things and breathe life into each project I work on. I strive to please my clients and myself. Helping me along the way have been influences ranging from Steven Spielberg to Annie Leibovitz. It goes without saying that numerous individuals have encouraged me along the way.

Since graduating from The Art Institute of York Pennsylvania (formerly Bradley Academy) in 2001, I’ve worked with clients such as The Opie & Anthony Show, Brother, Blair’s Sauces & Snacks, UL, ChocoVision and Prudential to name a few.




Amazing Experience

“My husband and I had an outdoor wedding by the lakeside Sept of 2013. When the search for a photographer began I knew I didn’t have to go very far. I’ve known Chris since college and previewed some of his work and knew that he was the perfect choice. He came to our home months before the wedding and did an engagement shoot and his ideas were out of this world! When the wedding rolled around I couldn’t wait for the photography to begin , from the time he spent with me and my bridesmaids getting ready, the ceremony and reception , every moment was captured beautifully. I can look at each photograph and relive everything I felt at that exact moment. He was the best choice for the best day of our lives!”

Vanessa and Conrad


Best Choice Ever

“My husband and I had a small wedding in June 2012 at a bed and breakfast in Flemington, New Jersey. When looking for a photographer, we knew we needed someone special to capture the intimacy of the event and charm of the location. Choosing That Werks for our wedding photography was the best decision we made! We were initially drawn to Chris by his amazing portfolio which, along with weddings, also showcased his versatility in beautifully capturing a variety of subjects. After a wonderful meeting, we knew Chris’s creativity and exceptional skills would make him the perfect photographer for our wedding and we could not be happier with his work. He was super attentive and flexible with all our requests and perfectly balanced what we wanted along with his amazing expertise. We highly, highly recommend That Werks for wedding photography as well as for capturing all of life’s special events! “

Amanda & Miguel


A True Artist

“If you want photographs of your wedding that are each like a little piece of art, then Chris Sztybel is your guy. He really approaches every photograph with the sensibility of an artist, paying attention to color and background and catching unexpected moments. He took some amazingly beautiful photos of our day, which included a photo shoot of just the two of us in a NYC park followed by a trip to City Hall! Probably the best thing about him is that he couldn’t be a more pleasant person to spend the day with, which makes a huge difference when you’re in the midst of really special, intimate moments. ”

Meg & Eric

Mallory Knox Modeling

It was a rainy day, but everyone was a trooper and pulled off amazing shots. Besides the rain, fog was everywhere! When we first arrived there was barely a drop of rain and by the end it was pouring. I give Mallory a lot of credit for sticking it out because it’s not easy. Special thanks to the ever helpful LEW MONTY for assisting and shielding us from the storm. Also, special thanks to my 7D for continuing to come out of storms like a champ. It’s a damn good camera. Yay weather sealing! Last but not least, thanks to Trendi for providing us with the bracelets.

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Mallory Knox collage

Michale Graves Performing at Crossroads NYE 2013

This year I wanted to do something out of the norm for my birthday. Dinner at a tiki bar followed by a punk rock concert with The Downrights and MICHALE GRAVES! I brought my camera, of course, and here is what I got on film. Great time and Michale and his band knocked out an awesome set of music! This guy has one of the best voices ever. (Too bad you can’t listen to photos, but you can see the intensity.)

Michale Graves in concert