Portraits with Swathi in Princeton, New Jersey

Outfit changes and props galore! Swathi came with an impressive array of items for her shoot, including her friend Serena who assisted with styling. I’m used to Princeton’s huge summer color palette, so it was important to bring in as much color as possible for this grey day.

Swathi obviously has a great fashion sense and each of her outfits gives us a sense of who she is. I also love working with people that can smile naturally! It is a true talent.

Swathi Sree portraits at Princeton University and Princeton Battlefield

Magical Portraits with George Gee

The east coast of the United States has produced some of the greatest magicians and illusionists. I have always been a huge fan of magic and remember watching every David Copperfield special that aired on television when I was a kid.

I met George through his equally daring assistant, and girlfriend, Cat Galioto. She plays roller derby and is a badass.

All of the fire blasts were done at Luv2Cre8 Studio in Hightstown, NJ. Crazy Mike runs things down there and is quite the character himself. This was my first time being close to pyro like this, so I made sure I was close, but not too close.

The remainder of the shots were taken at my home in New Brunswick. I hope you enjoy these photos and appreciate the magic.

Want to hire George?

Phone: 484-682-4986
Email: geemagic2002@yahoo.com

Magician George Gee


Danielle Bejian Modeling at Rutgers Gardens

Danielle found out about my work and wanted to try her hand at modeling. This was her first time and I’d say she freaking nailed it, wouldn’t you? We shot all of these starting in the glowing bamboo forest and by the end we had created some great images together.


Canon 6D w/ 70-200mm f/4.0
Canon 7D w/ Sigma 50mm f/1.4
Alien Bee ABR800 ring flash
Canon 430EX speedlites

Danielle Bejian modeling