Police Unity Tour Fundraiser at Rhythms of the Night in Manville, NJ

Attended another Police Unity Tour event to raise money for Eric’s new tires for the bike ride to Washington, D.C. They must be amazing tires because this time an entire concert was held to raise money. The reality is actually summed up on the Police Unity Tour web site:

The primary purpose of the Police Unity Tour is to raise awareness of Law Enforcement Officers who have died in the line of duty.

The secondary purpose is to raise funds for the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial and Museum.

Police Unity Tour fundraiser concert at Rhyhtms of the Night in Manville, New Jersey

1950 Chevrolet Deluxe Pin-up Girls

High time I did another pin-up themed model shoot with two of my favorite fellow artists, Karen (makeup) and Tracey (hair). Brian from Wayne’s Speed Shop was kind enough to let us use his sweet 1950 Chevrolet Deluxe coupe and he also picked out the location. Good work, Brian!

We started just as the sun dipped, which gave us a nice scene to sculpt with speedlites and a big ole softbox hooked up to my ABR800.

It was a hilarious shoot as usual with this bunch and a few of the locals came to check it out. Including some dude that claimed to be a Hell’s Angel. There is no way this guy was one of them either. You can’t go around lying about something like that, sir!

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Hair: Tracey Sommers
Makeup: Karen Buttacavole/Life is Better With Lipgloss

Less talking, more photos…

1950s Chevy Deluxe Pinups

150 Chevy Pinup Collage2

Orrin Evans Quartet @ Makeda 4/24/2014

If memory serves me, I’ve never attended a jazz event. So why not go see the Orrin Evans Quartet? The musicianship of these particular jazz musicians is something worth seeing. Very creative and spontaneous things came out of them during the performance. Also, big thumbs up to Makeda’s Morrocan meatballs. Friggin’ amazing!

Orrin Evans Quartet at Makeda in New Brunswick, NJ

Keely’s Maternity Session at Sourland Mountain Preserve

New Jersey offered us the tried and true overcast day. Sigh. How do you make that work? Keep things simple and think in black and white. Keely slipped and slid all over the muddy ground to get to a few of the spots. In sandals no less.

Toward the end of the session I gave Kevin my other camera and asked him to act like a creep standing behind a tree. Since we’re all friends with bizarre senses of humor, this really isn’t as weird as it sounds and it made us laugh. When ‘Lil Loria is born, the weather will be bright and cheery. This session will be a reminder in the future that even the grey days lead to a colorful one.

Keely's maternity session at Sourland Mountain Preserve

NYC Water Treatment Video Produced for Natural Systems Utilities

Natural Systems Utilities, based out of Hillsborough, New Jersey tasked me with creating a short video explaining water treatment at a facility in Battery Park City. Located in the lower west side of Manhattan, the facility inside The Visionaire features an impressive array of equipment to clean and reuse waste water. An educational fun project to be involved with for sure!

Integrated Water Resource Management & Direct Water Reuse Systems from Natural Systems Utilities on Vimeo.

Queensryche at Bergen PAC 4/17/2014

QUEENSRYCHE! When your favorite band comes to town, take the time to go see them. In my particular case, try and get a photo pass. The show was introduced by Eddie Trunk (That Metal Show) and quickly turned into one of the best concerts I have seen by any band. All of the band’s 30 years of music were represented. My first time hearing “Warning” performed live and for many of the fans they hadn’t heard that song since the mid-1980s.

There is no way to properly describe the chemistry onstage, but everyone is playing to the best of their ability and having a good time. You can tell they’re all appreciative of the rebirth of the band and the renewed interest. Last year the same venue had about half the attendance of this show. This year it was packed to the roof. Word of mouth has been extremely powerful. The new album didn’t hurt either considering it’s the best thing they’ve done in ages. Check that out if you haven’t already.

This music translates to the fans and back to the stage. Fists were pumping and the crowd was firing back the choruses. Everything played to perfection. Go see them. You will be blown away!

Queensryche LIVE at Bergen PAC 4/17/2014

Kelly and Ozi’s Engagement Session at Sandy Hook

A perfect location for an engagement session! My home away from home, Sandy Hook, for another whirlwind sunset session with Kelly and Ozi. It’s a beautiful time of day as the sun illuminates everything with a powerful orange glow. Sandy Hook is also several miles long, so capturing as many locations as possible before darkness is always a fun game to play. Preparing for a wedding obviously takes a lot of time and the engagement shoot is the first step in giving the couple something tangible to use for announcements to guests.

Ozi had me dying when he struck the same pose as Kelly with his hand on hip. It was hilarious and I’m so glad he did it! It’s those spontaneous moments that really make for the best photographs.

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Kelly and Ozi Engagement at Sandy Hook, New Jersey

Civil Air Patrol Conference at McGuire Air Force Base

An invitation was extended to me to photograph personnel and distinguished guests at the Civil Air Patrol conference at McGuire Air Force Base. This is only the second time I have been to an Air Force base and it’s a visually impressive sight to visit a base. We toured a KC-10 jet used to refuel aircraft in mid-air and even got to sit in the cockpit.

Civil Air Patrol Conference at McGuire Air Force Base

Emily Bennett Broadway Headshots

Emily is actively auditioning for shows and needed a new headshot. That Werks to the rescue! Here are 3 of my favorites from the session. Time to bust out the black velvet and lighting! I bounced light from the top, sides and front for this series. I think the result gives a nice glow to the subject. When Emily is a famous performer I can say I knew her from back in the day.

Emily Bennett headshot 1
Emily Bennett headshot 2
Emily Bennett headshots

Connotate Article for New Brunswick Today

Erik Straub interviewed Connotate’s Keith Cooper and Laura Teller and invited me along to photograph them for a New Brunswick Today article. To learn more about Connotate, visit their site.

“At Connotate, we aim to be the best in the world at Web data extraction and monitoring – and to apply our unique expertise to help you gain business advantage.

We recognize the complexity of integrating Web data into your business processes, and we’ve developed advanced technology to address this challenge head-on.

Our solution turns the Internet into your own proprietary database so you can unlock the Web’s vast potential to make smarter decisions, reduce costs and increase revenues.”

Laura Teller of Connotate

Laura Teller of Connotate

Keith Cooper of Connotate

Keith Cooper of Connotate