Preview of Model Shoot with Kelly Larsen

One of my latest projects was once again working with model Kelly to create something I had floating around in my head. We hiked around Watchung Reservation and found the perfect spot. Thanks to Lew Monty for assisting as always. You can see him doing his best to stay out of frame in the before/after shot.

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Goddess of Water shoot with Kelly Larsen at Watchung Reservation

Goddess of Water shoot with Kelly Larsen at Watchung Reservation

Goddess of Water shoot with Kelly Larsen at Watchung Reservation

Vivian And Richard’s Wedding at The Chauncey Hotel in Princeton, New Jersey

Vivian and Richard had an intimate ceremony with a few family members at The Chauncey Hotel in Princeton, NJ. I can work a hectic fast-paced wedding, but I’m not going to lie and say smaller weddings aren’t a special kind of joy for me. I can say hi to each person in attendance and even have a conversation or two! That’s not something I can afford to do every time. Here are just a few of the photos taken on this lovely Sunday afternoon.

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Vivian and Richard's wedding ceremony at the Chauncey Hotel in Princeton, New Jersey

My Time With The The Canon EF 800mm f/5.6L IS

This is an impressive lens. The Canon EF 800mm f/5.6L is primarily used for nature and sports photography and the Image Stabilization is necessary even with a quality tripod. When a lens has its own strap, you know it’s quite heavy. I’ve also never used a more expensive lens in my life. At $14,000.00 you better believe I was extremely careful with it.

My goal was to take it out and capture local wildlife in the short time I’d have it. The photos below are from The Great Swamp in Basking Ridge, New Jersey as well as Rahway River Park in Rahway, New Jersey. Very pleased with the results. Thanks to Canon CPS for letting me use this monster.

Go ahead and treat yourself.

Canon 800mm f/5.6 lens

Canon EF 800mm f/5.6 lens

Alex at Mercer County Park

The sky looked like neopolitan ice cream and chocolate was obviously going to win. Mother Nature gave us a small window to shoot within so we got to work right away.

Alex had a few different outfits but this is the first time someone has shaved halfway through a shoot. One hour later we shot our last picture and it began to downpour.

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Alex portraits at Mercer County Park

Heckman Family Portraits…Now With 100% More Skateboarding!

Jeff and Sarah recently welcomed tiny Isaiah into the wonderful skate park known as life. All I can ever ask from a newborn is that they do not flip out. He was a champion and even went along with my ridiculous ideas like skateboarding in the living room.

This might be the only time skateboarding in the living room will be permitted. These are some of my favorite family portraits to date because everything rolled along so naturally. Congratulations to this brand spanking new family.

Heckman Family Portraits

Heckman Family Portraits

Michale Graves “Wanderer” Stills in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

I was invited by Hydraulic Entertainment to come out and visit Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania for a day of filming the “Wanderer” video. I was asked to shoot stills that would be incorpated into the storyline. Our model, Alana, went on a whirlwind one hour shoot with me around town. We needed to do several wardrobe changes in that timeframe. Special thanks to all of the shop owners and residents for being so accommodating.

Model: Alana Andersen
Acessories: The Gem Shop

Michale Graves "Wanderer" female model photographsMichale Graves "Wanderer" behind the scenes