Engagement Session at Washington Rock and Johnson Park with Devanee and Narpat

Devanee and Narpat had a two part engagement session thanks to torrential rain at Washington Rock National Park. The vegetation was watered plentifully that day my friends! Oh yes! Luckily I came prepared and we shot some great stuff with their Scrabble board and umbrella before calling it a night. Sandwich bags on the flashes and umbrellas over cameras! I stop for nothing.

One week later we finished up at Johnson Park which is near my home in New Brunswick. It’s a lovely place and they even have animals like deer and goats. (A little tidbit of information, the boardwalk and lake you see in the photos are there because that area would constantly flood. The Raritan River loves spilling over, so they just went with it and voila!)

We summoned the eternal spirit of Patrick Swayze and did some picnic table dancing and a dip at dusk. The the sun peaced out and so did we. Special thanks to Vincent Meli and Jeff Heckman for assisting with these shots.

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Washington Rock engagement session with Scrabble theme

Ok we’re all completely saturated from sideways rain. Time for a quick change! Voila! Now we’re in a new location with fresh clothes and a moody sky, but no rain.

Johnson Park Piscataway, NJ engagement shoot

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