Bubble Blowing with Michelle Under The Bridge

I added a facet to this lifestyle modeling session that I haven’t tried before. Bubbles. The idea came to me as summer slowly slips through our fingers. Soon everyone in New Jersey will be wearing snowboots and wool. Before that happens I wanted to do something with a fun nod to summer. Armed with $4.00 worth of bubbles from the dollar store we went to the train bridge at Johnson Park in Piscataway, New Jersey. The graffiti on the walls always brings a nice texture to things and I thought it complimented the theme nicely.

The final bubble blowing image is actually a composite of many photos of the bubbles being blown in front of the camera. Here’s what that looked like while I was working on it:

Bubble layers

Bubble blowing composite

Before I forget to mention it, let’s rewind to the part of the day before I arrived to the shoot location. A great blue heron was spotted in the little creek that flows through Johnson Park and under River Road:

Great Blue Heron

…And now, without further interruption, select photos from the bubble blowing bonanza…

Blowing bubbles with Michelle in the park