Dr. Gbolahan Okubadejo Office Portraits

Dr. Okubadejo invited me to photograph him and his staff at his Fort Lee, New Jersey office. The conference room in the building was a great location since it had bright neutral walls and enough room for the two camera setups.

Outside of “normal” headshots I made sure to put my spin on things with a non-traditional headshot for each person. I blasted light through a piece of film to cast a blue tone on the right side of the face. The room we shot in was fairly bright so this was achieved with the lens stopped way down to eliminate any light not being emitted from my flashes.

Headshots taken with a bit of dramatic strobe lighting


About Dr. Okubadejo

Dr. Okubadejo is a board certified, fellowship-trained spine surgeon with comprehensive experience in performing numerous spinal surgical procedures in the treatment of cervical, lumbar and thoracic conditions. He is extremely adept in dealing with degenerative spinal disease, deformity and all other pathologies of the spine.

He has presented at major spine conferences around the world and been published in various journals including the prestigious Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. He was awarded the Leonard Marmor Award for presenting the best research project during his residency training.

Dr. Okubadejo places a strong emphasis on minimally invasive techniques for a majority of his surgical procedures, as well as communication with patients and providing individualized patient care.

(Source: http://nynjspine.com/gbolahan-okubadejo/)

Headshots of spin surgeon office staff



New Manfrotto Tri-Backpack Article On Manfrottobags.com

This year has brought me a lot of good luck and lot of things earned through good old-fashioned hard work. I suppose my Manfrotto relationship is a mix of both. One day I was on my way to Hoboken to do a maternity shoot. I posted my pile-o-stuff at the train station to my Instagram account. One way or another Manfrotto got wind of my pile-o-stuff and wanted to share their product with me. It has made my traveling a whole lot easier.

This isn't even packed to capacity. My average shoot leaves room to spare for items like trail mix.
This isn’t even packed to capacity. My average shoot leaves room to spare for items like trail mix.

Product placement always kind of bothers me, but when I say I am using a particular product, you better believe it’s because I actually like using the product. Special thanks to The New Royalty and Salt Studios for being available to shoot this bad mamma jamma.

Let’s get down to it! My latest article featuring a photo shoot with New Jersey-based The New Royalty is now up on manfrottobags.com