Promo for Venus Bellydance

Earlier this week I filmed a bellydance promo for Venus in New Brunswick. The weather couldn’t have been more on our side. Bright sun, a shady area to diffuse the light, wind and nobody walking into the shot. PERFECT!

Two Canon 6D cameras were used and we did about 5 takes of dancing to give me enough angles to work with in Adobe Premiere multi-cam edit.

Music: “Mashallah” by Ek Tha Tiger

Jude Connally Retouching

Jude Connally dresses coming at you! Something funny happened at the beginning of this year. First it started with getting a call from Capezio to retouch most of their 2015 catalog. Shortly after that project I was asked to come in to dress designer Jude Connally and retouch images for their seasonal designs. Each shoot for each line requires retouching. I keep the retouching realistic though. No weird body contouring or the type of junk that presents an unattainable body image. There are far too many Photoshop jockeys using the liquify tool with a heavy hand!

In addition to retouching the product line, I have been working on some behind-the-scenes videos from the Miami photo shoot for their summer line. Fun stuff! Hopefully you will be seeing that soon on the Jude Connally Instagram feed.

Visit my photography site to see more of my shooting and retouching work.

The final retouched images as they appear on

Product detail page for a closer look.