Day In The Life at the Veterinary Center of Morris County

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Two of my favorites collide! Animals and photography. The Veterinary Center of Morris County invited me to photograph their staff and clientele. Little chihuahuas all the way up to a St. Bernese. Everyone was very well-behaved and I am very thankful for that because I didn’t know what I would be walking into. Dr. Edelle and her peers take great care of the animals and a lot of the critters you see in the photos below are their own pets.

Thanks to Lew Monty for assisting with this shoot.

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On the Open Sea for Family Photos

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Welcome to Keyport, New Jersey. Another new challenge came my way. How do you do family photos on a moving boat? First thing you do is make sure all your gear is safely tucked in place and only carry what you will be using.

Strobes were used for the portraits taken with the family sitting on the edge of the boat. Since I was not going to have an assistant, I brought along my Manfrotto light stands since they have an extremely wide footprint and wouldn’t tip off a rocking boat.

Once we got back to land, the remainder of the session was shot using natural light. I am particularly fond of the black and white shot of father, son and grandson next to the water. A simple summary of the three generations of Zushma photographed.

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MMA Themed Shoot at The New Brunswick Boxing Gym with Kali Feline

Kali is shredded for her upcoming bodybuilding competition and I’ve been wanting to shoot at the New Brunswick Boxing Gym since working with Leroy Davila for a New Brunswick Today article. Most of the lighting involved my trusty Alien Bee ring flash and the large moon unit light modifier. The gym has a particular ambience that I didn’t want to disrupt. Simple lighting was the way to go. Two of the walls are filled with tall windows that let a great deal of natural light into the space. Keeping the ABR800 close to her tied all of the light together in a believable way.

The building has a lot of character. Red brick, exposed pipe, wooden floors and a hand built boxing ring. Definitely ask them about rentals to have your next fitness shoot there. Special thanks to everyone at the gym for being so accommodating with the schedule and facility.

Kali Feline working on her MMA skills at the New Brunswick Boxing Gym

The Wedding of Ceri Stromberg and Mark Langell at McLoone’s Pier Village in Long Branch, New Jersey

This wedding was a great one! Getting ahead of myself a bit, but if you came to a wedding and do not have a great time on the dance floor you are missing the entire point. Celebrate with the couple all day/night long. Mark and Ceri’s friends and family did not disappoint.

Back to the normal chronology of the day. Ceri’s vibrant personality and artistic flair was written all over the day. Her dress and winged crown were a winning combo. Mark wore his formal Marine attire. Looked super sharp of course! Marines know how to do it right.

I can’t say enough nice things about everyone I met that day. Ceri’s brother Nick even joined us for conversation while Jeff (second camera/assistant) and I ate our dinner. Class acts across the board.

Below you will find an image containing Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

Here is the story behind that composite. I wanted to do something special for Mark and Ceri. I hadn’t met them prior to their wedding day, but I knew they both were into sci-fi and Japanese pop culture. Well the hotel depicted here was not only rude to me, but they botched her room. No room to get ready in! And to her credit she marched right out and the show went on at McLoone’s.

Originally I was going to do a simple composite of Voltron standing next to the bride and groom on the beach. But once Voltron found out about this situation the lions came together and put a stop to the bad behavior within the hotel. Maybe the next time you want to be rude to a bride on her wedding day, you will consider that the Defender of the Universe has eyes upon you.

Ceri and Mark's ceremony at McLoone's in Pier Village Long Branch, NJ
Formals on the beach outside McLoone's
Reception at McLoone's