MMA Themed Shoot at The New Brunswick Boxing Gym with Kali Feline

Kali is shredded for her upcoming bodybuilding competition and I’ve been wanting to shoot at the New Brunswick Boxing Gym since working with Leroy Davila for a New Brunswick Today article. Most of the lighting involved my trusty Alien Bee ring flash and the large moon unit light modifier. The gym has a particular ambience that I didn’t want to disrupt. Simple lighting was the way to go. Two of the walls are filled with tall windows that let a great deal of natural light into the space. Keeping the ABR800 close to her tied all of the light together in a believable way.

The building has a lot of character. Red brick, exposed pipe, wooden floors and a hand built boxing ring. Definitely ask them about rentals to have your next fitness shoot there. Special thanks to everyone at the gym for being so accommodating with the schedule and facility.

Kali Feline working on her MMA skills at the New Brunswick Boxing Gym

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