The Beauty Bar Commercial

The Beauty Bar located at 144 West Main Street in Somerville, New Jersey recently opened and That Werks got to create a commercial for the grand opening. This was a nice creative challenge as well because there are a lot of mirrors at The Beauty Bar and of course nobody wants to see the camera/lighting in the shots! Everyone that participated gave the commercial a really special feeling. It stands out and shows how much care goes into what Kelly and Elise do for their clients.

For the gear nerds out there I used Magic Lantern on my two Canon 6D cameras. Magic Lantern is a piece of software that allows the cameras to shoot uncompressed RAW video. There is a distinct difference between H.264 and RAW. The RAW video doesn’t contain weird artifacting, baked-in white balance or a non-negotiable color profile. This let me shoot without using mainly daylight. Highlights that would normally blow out were brought back in post-production.

The Beauty Bar @ 144 West Main Street, Somerville, New Jersey from Chris Sztybel on Vimeo.

Minute and a half version of The Beauty Bar commercial. See the salon in action. There's even a surprise guest bride with four legs. Visit Kelly and Elise at 144 West Main Street, Somerville, New Jersey.

Shot and edited by:

Music: Tyrone Wells

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