Photographing Model Nicole Celebre in Somerville, NJ

Nicole recently visited me in Somerville, New Jersey for a commercial that we’re currently filming. After we wrapped filming for the afternoon, we took a spin around downtown Somerville and got some modeling work knocked out. These were shot using only the available sunlight.

My good friend Vin was with us and operated the reflector. Thanks, Vin! After we wrapped up shooting, we rewarded ourselves with an all-you-can-eat feast at Kumo on Main St. in Somerville.

If you’re looking to book a shoot with me, it couldn’t be a more simple process. Visit my photography¬†site and go to “Contact”. Throw some dates at me and let’s get something that sticks to the calendar.

Model Nicole Celebre modeling in Somerville, New Jersey

Studio and Outdoor Session with Madison Hooker

This is Maddy’s first big shoot with me. You may remember the “underwater” shots we took bathed in red light. That was just a warm up. We’re into it full swing right here! Started with some simple studio shots using both natural light and an Einstein with strip box/grid.

This shoot is heavy on the black and white because…well…I felt like it. As an artist “I felt like it.” is a more than respectable answer for artistic choices. Knowing what you’ve done the day before and pushing on with something you might not normally do is what keeps me excited about photography. Consistency in pleasing the client is just as important as keeping that spark white hot.

There are a lot of shots in this particular session. Kick back, relax, grab a Yoo-Hoo and once you’re done perusing share this blog with a friend. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising ever.

Thanks, folks!

Madison Hooker modeling for That Werks Photography

Madison Hooker modeling for That Werks Photography