Blairlab web site

Blairlab logoWe were asked to design a site for Blairlab…a company based around capsaicin. In simple terms capsaicin is the “heat” in peppers.

Blair himself explains:

“The Story of Biocap

The story of Biocap truly begins back in 1989 with the start of my incredible relationship with capsaicin.  I had dedicated my life to creating the spiciest, most flavorful sauces in the world (and now hold the Guinness World Record for producing the Hottest Food Product!!).  At the time, I had little knowledge of skin care products other than looking at what was in my wife’s medicine cabinet.

On an eventful day in 2003, I was working on a batch of my most extreme, world-renowned spice reserves in my test kitchen. Unbeknownst to me, a major discovery was on the horizon. I accidentally splashed myself in the face with the capsaicin-based reserve.  Despite the initial pain and swelling across my face and eyes, something amazing happened.

A few days later, I noticed that the skin around my face and eyes appeared brighter and firmer. I discovered that the main ingredient capsaicin (the natural substance that makes peppers hot) could have a very different purpose.

I sought out some of the greatest research scientists in the country to put my experience to the test.  We proceeded to develop this amazing formula that contains the most advanced technology available today. The result is nothing short of a miracle…

Biocap® – harnessing the power of the pepper without the burn.  It is an anti-aging product of epic proportions.  It will surely make you “Look and Feel Alive!”®”