YONEX email blast

Blair Lazar visits Yonex headquarters in Tokyo, Japan

I put together this graphic for the latest email blast from Blair’s Sauces & Snacks.

Dear Chilipal,

In today’s age of too much information blazing before us far too fast via the world of ” Social Media” and www, I feel safe to say that many of us lose track of the simple things in our lives. Yes of course family, but moreover, our own Passion!!!! Passion to me is everything…. Being passionate about what you do and how you do it are very obviously important, but moreover the impact one’s passion has on others is perhaps the greatest reward of all…To that point, I recently had my 11th ( since 1998) Journey to Japan where I was so blessed to be reunited with old friends, and to see how the last 14 years of my passion have spread to so many new Chiliheads throughout their amazing country.

Even though I hardly speak Japanese, it’s incredible to see how Death Sauce speaks every Language…. “Feel Alive” is Universal !! Watching one’s eyes light up for the first time never tires for me…in fact it only grows in me !!! So much so in fact, that today, I am proud to announce an amazing new partnership with a legendary sporting goods company, Yonex. ( You may have seen their legendary Tennis Rackets in the USA) Together we are proudly launching the “World’s Hottest Snowboards.” These amazing world-class boards will be available in Japan, and an even more- over the top Special “Reserve Board” will be made available exclusively through extremefood (only 99 worldwide) available in February 2013. I wish I could show you the designs ( they are Smokin Hot) but i cant disclose them until Yonex releases them In 2013 … In addition to that, I will soon be offering a special new very unique Sudden Death Rice Cracker on a very limited basis. I could go on and on about so much more as I have so many things to share, but I know your time is valuable so I will try to keep it short……

Here is what’s happening in just the next 5 days alone —— The Amazing New Skull F-Ing Jolokia Chips are coming out on Monday Oct 29. OMG they are Incredible!!! To say the very least…. I am certain you will be “Blown Away.” On Tuesday Oct 30, my pal James Wreck – Eat More Heat – and I will be doing our Annual LIVE Halloween webcast…from Death Sauce HQ (I guarantee Some Amazingly Sexy Surprises!!!!’) Live 9pm et. A bit later that evening on October 30th the Insane Halloween Reserve will be made available (time TBD). As if that wasn’t enough, two new sauces will also be announced and shown live on our Little WebCast. And……. Drumroll Please …… a preview of The Most Incredible New extremefood website you have ever seen. In fact, I will go a step further and say that my amazing team and I have broken the mold on what a food website is!!!! Ok that’s my little diddy of what’s up !!! Wow Miss you Guys and Gals So much. I will be in Washington DC for the 2012 Metro Cooking Show on Nov 3rd & 4th. If you are in that area stop in and say Hello !!!! Lots more to share as usual but just tune in to see me live on Tuesday Night looking forward to seeing you soon

All my best,

Feel Alive!!!

Your Chili Pal, 



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